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About Ecomevents

Disapponted at the lack of support in Ireland for those that sell online a frustrated Colm Griffin of Purchase.ie  decided to form a Dublin based Meet-Up group in November 2012 so that online sellers could meet-up, share experiences and hopefully learn ways to sell online more effectively.

Since then events have been held on a monthly basis and a host of expert guest speakers have generously given up their time to prepare and present some very insightful talks to the group on a whole variety of different topics surrounding selling online.

To date the group has already amassed a membership of over 630 people and the National College of Ireland are the main venue sponsors for the events.

Essentially what we are is Ireland’s first dedicated provider of E-Commerce related training courses and e-commerce events.

Through a network of expert speakers and trainers we can deliver meaningful courses which will enable your business to sell online more effectively.

Consider it is less of the theory and tech terms and more what is happening in practice.

We focus on those that are doing well, how they are doing well and how you can model your business along the same lines.

We also look at those that have failed, why they have failed and the lessons learned along the way.

Essentially we cater business people looking to generate online revenue without having to learn how to code.

We can however help you to learn how best to interact with developers and how to avoid investing huge resources in an online platform which generates little or no return.

Irish consumers spent in the region of 4 billion euro online in 2012 but approximately 75% of this revenue left the country.

With industry experts predicting that the online spend of Irish consumers will top 20 billion by 2017 it is imperative that Irish businesses learn how to gain a market share.

This is an big Irish problem and Ecomevents is here to help.

Lets start selling online better and reaping the rewards!

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